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Topologically Generated Radiolaria

I had the privilege of working with NeonMob to create a collection for their digital collecting platform. Since I had complete creative freedom on the subject, I searched for base shapes that I could vary sufficiently and between which there could be a relationship, yet each shape would be different from the others. My series of "radiolaria" were inspired by incredibly detailed 18th century illustrations of microorganisms by the artist Ernst Haeckel.
I constructed the geometric base shapes in TopMod, a topological mesh modeling software (although TopMod is no longer developed, it is a free, useful software with unique functionality).
I then took these shapes into Cinema 4D for fine tuning and rendering, and finalized the image in Photoshop.
This is only a small part of the full set, which is available on NeonMob exclusively. They interviewed me on this project and my process and background.  And finally, here's a "work-flow tutorial" about this project!
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