Infographic Resume

My creative life in a few charts

If you follow me for some years, you may have noticed that I've been less productive these last months. Until now, the projects that I published were made on my free time. But last year, I became dad of a little boy ; so no more free time ! Instead of stopping my personal projects, I would love to make a living of them. This would grant me more time for my passion projects, while still getting money for the family. Of course, making a living of digital art will not be an easy task since I live in Geneva, who is one of the most expensive cities in the world. That's why I'm starting a Patreon account.
It was the perfect occasion to talk a little more about myself than what I'm doing usually (which is near to zero). So I decided to make a rather big infographic explaining the reason of my coming on Patreon, giving keys on my work so far, explaining the concept of Patreon,...

And of course, I'll be glad to see you back on Patreon !
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