Biotop from Polygonia

Randomly Generated Insect Species

This is my second set for Neonmob (first project : Radiolaria Index).
I had to choose for a subject who could lead to a lot of possible variations. I've always loved insects and I use them as subjects for macro photo for years now. So this theme came quite logically. I wanted the set to look like entomology plates used to expose insect's collections in museums. So I imagined species who live in a polygonic planet. Some are inspired by terrestrial species, some not. Each species has four to eight specimens coming from differents sub-species. I've started on Cinema 4D by creating a "species basis" who has all particularities of the species (extra legs, wings,...). I used some deformers (displacer, polygon reduction) in order to give the species his overall shape. Then I created each specimen by shifting some parameters on the deformers. Afterward, I rendered each specimen in Cinema 4D and postworked with Photoshop.
The complete set is really huge, the biggest I ever made : 100 different insects + 100 night versions of the same insects + some surprises if you collect them on Neonmob!
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