Alien Bonsaïs

Extra-Terrestrial Tree Species

Last year, I had the opportunity to test the new software from E-On, Plant Factory. Meanwhile, I discovered the software from Allegorithmic, Substance Designer. Initially, I wanted to use Substance Designer to texture the trees, but Plant Factory exports "tiled" textures, which were not managed at the time by Substance Designer (but they are now). So I had the idea of ​​making bonsai trees : it allowed me to create plinths that I could texture with Substance Designer, while allowing me to create trees with more extreme forms.
So I created the plinths on 4D cinema (some shapes are taken directly from my other projects). I then imported the plinths on Plant Factory to create the bonsais directly on them. I exported the composition on Substance Designer for texturing and composed everything on Cinema 4D for the final rendering. The Photoshop part was very limited on this project : I just tweaked the colors and contrasts and added some grit to the image.
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