Eroded Leaves
Vegetation flow map
While I was working with World Machine on a personal project, I noticed the very detailed images generated by the flow map of the erosion device. So I tried to use the flow map as a final image rather than its usual use of texture map for a 3D terrain.
The general appearance of the flow map made ​​me think of the veins of a leaf. So I used this similarity to create a series of "eroded leaves".
The Acer Trees
Sycamore Maple - Acer Pseudoplatanus
Japanese Maple - Acer Palmatum
Silver Maple - Acer Saccharinum
Cappadocian Maple - Acer Cappadocicum
The Betula Trees
Silver Birch - Betula Pendula
Paper Birch - Betula Papyrifera
Grey Birch - Betula Populifolia
The Platanus Trees
Oriental Planetree - Platanus Orientalis
London Planetree - Platanus X Acerifolia
American Planetree - Platanus Occidentalis
The Populus Trees
White Poplar - Populus Alba
Black Poplar - Populus Nigra
European Aspen - Populus Tremula
Lombardy Poplar - Populus Nigra var. Italica
Balsam Poplar - Populus Balsamifera
The Quercus Trees
Pyrenean Oak - Quercus Pyrenaica
Turkey Oak - Quercus Cerris
Downy Oak - Quercus Pubescens
The Nut Trees
Horse Chestnut - Aesculus Hippocastanum
Hazel Tree - Corylus Avellana
Chestnut - Castanea Sativa
European Hop Hornbeam - Ostrya Carpinifolia
The Fiery Autumn Trees
Ginko - Ginko Biloba
Sassafras - Sassafras Albidum
Sweet Gum - Liquidambar Styraciflua
The Great Flower Trees
Tuliptree - Liriodendron Tulipfera
Kousa Dogwood - Cornus Kousa
Oleander - Nerium Oleander
The Red Berry Trees
Holly - Ilex Aquifolium
Wild Service Tree - Sorbus Torminalis
Scarlet Firethorn - Pyracantha Coccinea
The Blurred Outline Trees
European Smoketree - Cotinus Coggygria
Golden Willow - Salix Vitellina
Japanese Pagoda - Sophora Japonica
The Germanic Mythology Trees
European Ash - Fraxinus Excelsior
European White Elm - Ulmus Laevis
American Linden - Tilia Americana

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